About Us and our Yellow, black and Chocolate lab puppies

Labrador Kennel

Located in Southern Illinois.


Mabry Labs in Murphysboro is  on over 100 acres and backs up to over 600 more acres of national forest. We are less than two hours from St. Louis Mo.  

We are AKC inspected and a Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Breeder.

We are also State Licensed and our kennel goes above and beyond their requirements.  We don't want to just meet the standard for a license, we want to excel expectations. This is required if you have five females. Please, make sure if you get a puppy in Illinois to ask for a copy of the Kennel License.

There are Mabry labs in Chicago, St. Louis Mo. Nashville Tn., Seattle WA, Jim Beam in Ky, Up and down the east and west coast. Bascially our labs are all over the United States. We do not ship you must drive and pick up. 

We have an online pet store, we do not sell to pet shops, our dogs are AKC Labradors, we have chocolate lab puppies, yellow lab puppies and black Lab puppies. Only chocolate, black and yellow lab puppy for sale.

Chocolate Labrador adult, labrador female, akc labrador retriever

Adult Care

  This is one thing that sets us apart from other breeders. Our adults are provided with an inside area with toys, beds and excellent vet care. A radio plays for them as well. They have 24/7 access to outside if they choose to do so.  Most prefer to lay up on their Kuranda beds most of the time with their toys or play with a friend.  They get their areas cleaned at a minimum of four times a day and disinfectant is used twice a day.  Adults get treats, vitamins and are fed daily with a probiotic added for health. We have natural and artificial lighting as well. 

The dogs even have their own washing machine to clean blankets, toys and towels daily. Dogs are walked, given access to the pond when weather allows for swimming, let out to run in the open yard, play fetching and work on obedience training. Favorite thing of most is to find a human and crawl into their laps. Yes, our labs even come into our home and crawl into our chairs and onto the couch. Adults are treated monthly for worms, and provided vaccines as recommended by the vet. We have DNA on file with AKC, health testing, and screen for genetic diseases. Once you see a dog with EIC or CNM you will understand why we test our labs to make sure our puppies will never be affected by these diseases that can be prevented by selective breeding. Parents genetic tested for EIC, CNM,PRA, PKD, DM, RD/OSD,DILUTE, HU AND HNPK. Along with hips and elbows being done by OFA testing.  

We have dogs with excellent genetics with show lines and hunt test lines. We have brought in dogs over time to expand our lines and have some of the best that you can find. Most of all we breed our labs for looks, health, train ability and temperament. We have kept back puppies from breedings that we have done over the years to produce some of the most beautiful and smart dogs you will find.  We know our lines are great so we have grandparents of our pups here that you can visit with. 

We've spent a lot of research time putting together our Mabry Labs. We don't just have the genetics, but we have the building to house them comfortably.  we spend our money on our genetics and buildings. We put our heart, soul and time into this.   If you find breeders charging what we do or more without putting money with the facilities and just buying up dogs (even high quality dogs) you might want to look elsewhere. As we have high quality genetics and great facilities. If we can do it so can they.  Just most don't want a real kennel building as it cost them money and time.  Also, a garage with a kennel off the back or side is not a true kennel. We wouldn't want the exhaust fumes near our puppies, would you? You don't heat and cool outside dog houses with $1500 a month electric bills like our kennel.  Has this upset some other kennels? You bet it has.  We hope they soon step up and do what is right for their dogs as we always will here at Mabry Labs.

If we are out of reach for a drive to get a puppy here, we are more than willing to help you find a breeder near you that meets our standards.

You will always see us growing as everything we get goes into the dogs. 

Thanks for reading this page and any questions feel free to ask.

We look forward to meeting new people along the way and love to stay in touch with our puppies as they grow with their new families.

Continue to watch us as we expand on ideas. We always are looking for ways to improve.

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Puppy Care

 This is a major thing here at Mabry Labs that we don’t take lightly. All puppies receive 24/7 care and are inside a climate controlled puppy area. This area is cleaned and disinfected throughout 24 hours a day. If a puppy has an accident it is cleaned up and then disinfected, this is done so that by the time the puppies are six weeks old they are going outside to potty. 

Going outside by six weeks old to use the bathroom does help when they leave here at eight weeks old and go to their new homes in house breaking. 

Security cameras monitor puppies all the time and with this we can see if there is anything that needs to be done to them, while still allowing moms to help with the care of the puppies. Moms need to be able to feel comfortable with the puppies and help teach them the first eight weeks. This also helps make a better puppy when it goes home. We use blankets, towels, toys and other items in with the puppies to entertain them and help them get used to things before they go home. They hear vacuums, tractors, trucks, radio, and other noises as well. In summer time they get swimming pools and if weather is nice they run to the pond for adventures. 

We provide a large play area with toys to entertain them. They get Kuranda beds to sleep on or play king of the bed on. Puppies are given vaccines, vet care, wormings, vitamins, probiotics daily and fed a good quality feed. They do not go hungry, as we don’t want puppies to have to fight others for their food and this makes them better well rounded puppies. We start the weaning process at 3.5 weeks with puppy mush. This is puppy food, goats milk, and probiotic mix that we make for them four times a day. We use a lot of goats’ milk here and they appreciate it. 

We want to provide you with a happy, healthy puppy and believe that the first eight weeks of life here gets them on the right track. Our puppies are so comfortable they very rarely cry and this is due to the care we provide them. A healthy, comfortable puppy is a happy puppy and that makes them great puppies when they get to go home. We also play with them daily, snuggle with them, and end the day with them fast asleep; before we go to bed all the puppies are sleeping safe inside. 

Puppies get vet care as needed and a full exam before going home. We also microchip all puppies before they leave.