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Dewclaws have a purpose!

We get asked this question a lot so we have put this page together to answer why we do not remove dewclaws. 

First of all here at Mabry Labs you will find that we research a lot of information on dogs. Not just the labrador retriever.

Why do we do this? 

We do this in order to learn more as research is always being done. 

The following is why we do not remove the dewclaws. 

  • For dewclaws to be removed most breeders will take a puppy from day one to day three and cut them off at home without a veterinarian. There are some breeders who will take them to the veterinarian to have them removed, but there are far more that do it at home. We will not post videos of home removal as it is to upsetting for most to see. If you wish you can google and find them.
  • ​Removing front dewclaws can impact health:  Physically active dogs which have had the front dewclaws removed are prone to developing arthritis at the carpal joint, sometimes sufficiently severe and early to end a performance event or working career. 
  • ​They are used for self-grooming and to help steady objects a dog may hold between its fore paws when lying down. 
  • Dewclaws are functional, stabilizing the carpal (wrist) joint, especially when moving at speed or making sharp turns. 
  • You can not put them back on after removal. 

We live on over 100 acres and the back of our property is another almost 700 acres of national forest. Our dogs run through some rough terrain and we have never once torn a dewclaw. If you take home a Mabry Lab we can show you how to take care of dewclaws. We start pups by two weeks old on getting their nails done. They are very easy to continue at home. We will also show you a way to wrap a leg if you are concerned when going hiking.  Not that you should need to, but we teach you if you want. ​

Here at Mabry Labs when you take home one of our babies we will be here to help you whenever needed.  

There is a short video below and an article here that you can read more on dewclaws​.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for visiting Mabry Labs.  We hope to see you soon.