Our males



Moe is a chocolate English male.

He will start breeding in 2019 and will be replacing Buster as Buster will be retiring soon.

We have listed the testing we added to him below. 

He is also tested for the diseases listed on our Genetic testing page.

He is our most extensively tested male to date. 

Moe is one of the funniest dogs. He has this clown attitude that will make your day if you are needing cheered up. He is one that loves attention and loves to cuddle.

He is a taller male over average for a show bench style. Therefore, we went with him over his siblings. We wanted a little more leg to go with the bone structure on our dogs.

We are extremely happy with him and hope he is happy to live here with us. He does let us know when a stranger is here, and then will proceed to lick that stranger after his very deep bark.

We’ve never had any issue of aggression out of him with any humans or animals. He’s just a very happy goofy large boy.

We really hope if you get one of his puppies that they will be a part of your family for a long time. 



Joe Diffie is a beautiful male from our British girl Britt. He is a 70 pound male with a beautiful attitude and wonderful thick coat, nice short otter tail. Loves to retrieve and loves everyone he meets. He is half American lab and his dad is a hunt titled dog as well as his mother. 

Joe Diffie is very very quiet in the kennel or house. Loves to go for rides and likes to be up front passenger. 

Joe Diffie is very smart and learns just from watching. He also is a problem solver, as he is the only one that will reverse open a closed dog door. He also is the only one that will make sure is bowl is set up high to eat. He will pick it up and move it up on his kuranda bed if we don't hang it from the kennel. 

Pups from him can hunt, run field trials or just be a pet. The good thing with his size is you have more room on your bed, couch or car. 

Also, have noticed way less shedding of hair with him when compared to the larger English dogs. 

You would not go wrong with one of his pups. You get brains and beauty all in the smaller package. Perfect house dog or apartment dog.  




Stitches is an AKC British Labrador Fox Red Yellow Male.

It is rare that we will use an outside stud to one of our females, but in order to get what we wanted we bred our British female Britt to a stud in Tennessee to get Stitches.

Born and bred here.

He is a dream come true for us and just what we wanted. A small dog with a heart of gold that would do anything asked of him for just a belly rub in return.

This guy is hovering around the 65-pound mark and he might get to 70 if we allow more treats lol.

He made us laugh so much as a puppy he got his name stitches.

He rarely barks and pays attention to every detail when learning. Excellent eye contact with humans and is very trusting.

The British Labrador is a smaller lab and has earned the name of the gentleman’s lab.

They can retrieve all day if you want or just lay on the couch.

His pedigree is filled with champions and would be happy to email you a copy, until we get it up on the website.

Dr. Mabry always says the great thing with the British is they don’t even take up a couch cushion when curled up on your sofa so you can have more room for others. 😊

If you want one of his babies, they will be ready to go home starting in 2020.

Be sure to watch our lists for his pups to show up and contact us with any questions.

Thank you so much for checking him out. We really love this little guy.


 Drift is an American/English AKC Light Yellow male. He was born here on the farm to Snow and Buster. He is a larger Labrador so keep that in mind if you want a puppy from him.

After seeing the Buster and Snow babies grow up, we made a choice to keep a male for ourselves. We love his parents and their babies so much that we had to have one. We couldn’t be happier with our big baby boy. This pup does have to do some Labrador zoomies and run around. Once he does this he will be by your side like a shadow.

He’s got a playful attitude, fast learner and loves everyone. He is a born to cuddle pup that loves to try to sit on people. He’s got no idea he can’t fit anymore and tries to anyway.

You can be outside anywhere and call him to come. He will come find you and have that goofy grin on his face.

From the moment he was born he was meant to live here. He is a true Mabry Labrador with a heart of gold.

We hope that if you get a puppy from him that you remain in contact with us as your pup grows so we can watch his kids in happy homes as well. 

labrador retriever

 Ace is a beautiful yellow male. He has a wonderful attitude and loves to come in the house to lay at someones feet. This dog has produced some outstanding pups. They excel in anything the owners do with them. He even has babies that are competing and winning in hunt test with ease. He has a large head and body structure. Ace never meets a stranger or an animal that he does not like. Very smart and learned hand signals with ease. If you want an all around family dog than this guy is the perfect one. He passes on his attitude to his babies and brains. This guy is built like a tank and can retrieve any sized bird that you want or he is just as happy laying by a fire. The energy level on him is great. He is not high strung, but yet can go as long as you want him to.  

Our females of our labrador puppies for sale


yellow labrador

Faith is a yellow labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo.


Yellow labrador

 Ginger is a yellow labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo. 


Chocolate labrador

Legacy is a chocolate labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo. 



Cubby is a chocolate labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo.  


Yellow labrador

 Rubix is a fox red yellow labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo.   


Fox red labrador

  Ruby is a fox red yellow labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo.    

Ms B


Ms B was born and raised here. She is a female from Buster and Babe. Babe is a retired female and Buster is a retired male. But we still have Babe and Buster on the farm just retired them from breeding to live life out on the over 100 acres we have. Will have Ms. B's photo up soon. Apologize for not having it on now. Computer crashed and took her photos. Anyway she is a chocolate female smaller in size. 65 pounds. Beautiful dark chocolate like her half sister legacy. Similar in build just smaller in size. 



 Rebel is a British female weighing in at 45 pounds. She is a smaller medium red color with an outstanding pedigree.