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English chocolate lab puppy for sale


Moe is a chocolate English male.

He will start breeding in 2019 and will be replacing Buster as Buster will be retiring soon.

We have listed the testing we added to him below. 

He is also tested for the diseases listed on our Genetic testing page.

He is our most extensively tested male to date. 

Moe is one of the funniest dogs. He has this clown attitude that will make your day if you are needing cheered up. He is one that loves attention and loves to cuddle.

He is a taller male over average for a show bench style. Therefore, we went with him over his siblings. We wanted a little more leg to go with the bone structure on our dogs.

We are extremely happy with him and hope he is happy to live here with us. He does let us know when a stranger is here, and then will proceed to lick that stranger after his very deep bark.

We’ve never had any issue of aggression out of him with any humans or animals. He’s just a very happy goofy large boy.

We really hope if you get one of his puppies that they will be a part of your family for a long time. 




English yellow labrador

 I will have more information up soon on this beautiful boy.

 Bear's Sire and Dam are Imports, and he has many champions in his pedigree. 

Bear is a sweet, friendly boy. 

He has
a nice coat and is very light in color.  




British lab puppy for sale


Joe Diffie is a beautiful male from our British girl Britt. He is a 70 pound male with a beautiful attitude and wonderful thick coat, nice short otter tail. Loves to retrieve and loves everyone he meets. He is half American lab and his dad is a hunt titled dog as well as his mother. 

Joe Diffie is very very quiet in the kennel or house. Loves to go for rides and likes to be up front passenger. 

Joe Diffie is very smart and learns just from watching. He also is a problem solver, as he is the only one that will reverse open a closed dog door. He also is the only one that will make sure is bowl is set up high to eat. He will pick it up and move it up on his kuranda bed if we don't hang it from the kennel. 

Pups from him can hunt, run field trials or just be a pet. The good thing with his size is you have more room on your bed, couch or car. 

Also, have noticed way less shedding of hair with him when compared to the larger English dogs. 

You would not go wrong with one of his pups. You get brains and beauty all in the smaller package. Perfect house dog or apartment dog.  




Yellow labrador for sale

 Drift is an American/English AKC Light Yellow male. He was born here on the farm to Snow and Buster. He is a larger Labrador so keep that in mind if you want a puppy from him.

After seeing the Buster and Snow babies grow up, we made a choice to keep a male for ourselves. We love his parents and their babies so much that we had to have one. We couldn’t be happier with our big baby boy. This pup does have to do some Labrador zoomies and run around. Once he does this he will be by your side like a shadow.

He’s got a playful attitude, fast learner and loves everyone. He is a born to cuddle pup that loves to try to sit on people. He’s got no idea he can’t fit anymore and tries to anyway.

You can be outside anywhere and call him to come. He will come find you and have that goofy grin on his face.

From the moment he was born he was meant to live here. He is a true Mabry Labrador with a heart of gold.

We hope that if you get a puppy from him that you remain in contact with us as your pup grows so we can watch his kids in happy homes as well. 




Fox red labrador breeder


Stitches is an AKC British Labrador Fox Red Yellow Male.

It is rare that we will use an outside stud to one of our females, but in order to get what we wanted we bred our British female Britt to a stud in Tennessee to get Stitches.

Born and bred here.

He is a dream come true for us and just what we wanted. A small dog with a heart of gold that would do anything asked of him for just a belly rub in return.

This guy is hovering around the 65-pound mark and he might get to 70 if we allow more treats lol.

He made us laugh so much as a puppy he got his name stitches.

He rarely barks and pays attention to every detail when learning. Excellent eye contact with humans and is very trusting.

The British Labrador is a smaller lab and has earned the name of the gentleman’s lab.

They can retrieve all day if you want or just lay on the couch.

His pedigree is filled with champions and would be happy to email you a copy, until we get it up on the website.

Dr. Mabry always says the great thing with the British is they don’t even take up a couch cushion when curled up on your sofa so you can have more room for others. 😊

If you want one of his babies, they will be ready to go home starting in 2020.

Be sure to watch our lists for his pups to show up and contact us with any questions.

Thank you so much for checking him out. We really love this little guy.




Chocolate labrador

To read about Buster click on his photo




labrador retriever

 Ace is a beautiful yellow male. He has a wonderful attitude and loves to come in the house to lay at someones feet. 

This dog has produced some outstanding pups. They excel in anything the owners do with them. He even has babies that are competing and winning in hunt test with ease.

 He has a large head and body structure. 

Ace never meets a stranger or an animal that he does not like. 

Very smart and learned hand signals with ease. 

If you want an all around family dog than this guy is the perfect one. 

He passes on his attitude to his babies and brains. T

his guy is built like a tank and can retrieve any sized bird that you want or he is just as happy laying by a fire. The energy level on him is great. He is not high strung, but yet can go as long as you want him to.  



Our females of our labrador puppies for sale




yellow labrador

Faith is a yellow labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo.


Faith is a beautiful show bench style English Labrador that comes from show lines. She is very quiet and has a comical attitude. She is a girl that loves her people and is always there to greet anyone that comes over.  

She is very smart as well and has learned anything we have tried to teach her. 

She is not overly excited and is calm. She will do anything for a belly rub. 

Not aggressive towards anything.  However, will alert you if someone or something is around. 

She is also not destructive, we've not had to replace anything from her chewing as she only chews on her toys or treats. 

She loves to sleep in some of the oddest positions. We catch her upside down all the time. 

She has found a way to crawl under her kuranda bed. She does this when it is time for us to disinfect the kennel daily. She seems to think that if she crawls under her bed with it laying over her back that we can not see her. Honestly it is so funny to see a grown lab attempt to hide under one of those dog beds that I have ever seen.  She is also the only one that attempts this trick lol. 

Not a day goes by that she does not make us smile and laugh. She has brought us much joy and happiness. We hope that her puppies will show others this as well.

Thank you for reading about our beautiful gal Faith. 




Yellow labrador

 Ginger is a yellow labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo. 


Ginger is a 80 pound female with a strong retrieve drive to her. 

She loves people and would do anything you ask her to do.  

Also, has a comical attitude and likes to sit on your feet so you can't move. 

Her pups range in color of light yellow to the dark fox red yellows.

 She passes on brains and beauty to her pups. 




Chocolate labrador

Legacy is a chocolate labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo. 


Legacy was born and raised here at Mabry Labs. She is from Buster and is just a smart as he is.

Legacy has a beautiful dark chocolate coat that is very shiny. She is 80 pounds and just a love bug.

Has excellent retrieve drive to her and just loves to do anything we ask of her.

She has brains and beauty.

She loves people and really loves to get a butt scratch. Commands are learned very easy and she takes on new tasks without any issues. There as never been a day that she has not wanted to play or just lay with you on the couch.

Legacy will go up to any stranger and we have never seen her not want to snuggle up for attention to new people. The love this girl gives is never ending and she does go and lay down when asked.

So if you want a dog that is beautiful, smart and listens to you then make sure to check her out for a future puppy to bring into your family.




Best labrador retriever breeder

Cubby is a chocolate labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo.  




Cubby is a mix of American and English.  She is a beautiful dark chocolate female. 

Loves her people and will lay on you for hours. She is very playful and loves to retrieve. 

 Born and raised here at Mabry Labradors. She has been spoiled from the  moment she arrived.  She has an excellent off switch and loves her stuffed toys. 

Cubby is always ready to greet anyone she can and she wants to make sure that spend time with her. She gets as close as possible and leans into you for an ear rub. 

Cubby as been easy to train and gets along well with other animals.


Plans with Cubby is to breed her to our boy Moe for pups that are mostly English. 

These two together should give us puppies that are easy to train, playful, loyal family dogs with a dark chocolate coat to them. They should have the longer legs, shorter tail, thick coat with a large English head that would have a little longer nose to them. 

Mixing in the English and American has been excellent. You get the brains of the American and the playful attitude of the English brought into the puppies. This makes for puppies that train well and have a great off switch for the home. 

English are comical dogs with a playful attitude, but do not train as easy as the American. 

The American is higher strung and generally not as playful as the English. But you mix them together and you get a great dog. 

A lot of ours are from us breeding and keeping back English/American crosses here at Mabry Labradors. We've been working hard on these lines to get just what we want from them.

 Cubby is a success for us here. We are sure that with Moe it will be perfect. We know our lines very very well and have grand dogs here on the large farm. So many times the grand dogs are teaching their pups before they leave us. We are very proud of what we have accomplished with our Mabry Labradors. 




Yellow labrador

 Rubix is a fox red yellow labrador female. 

She does have a black nose. It is not black in the photo as with age some get a snow nose and that is what she has in this photo. I will see about updating when her nose is black in 2020. Thank you


You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo.   

 Rubix  is the daughter to Ace and Ruby. 

Rubix has a very gentle and lovable attitude that is always ready to please anyone.

 She never meets a stranger and loves all animals. 

Has great retrieve drive and loves to play.  

She is happy to just lay around with a stuffed toy and blanket or happy to get out and play in the water or retrieve in the field. 

Loves to be next to people and crawl in their laps. 

Babies will be 80 pounds and up with nice large heads and longer nose.

 This is a great mix of English and American labs. 

This girl makes excellent family dogs that are extremely smart.  




Fox red labrador

  Ruby is a fox red yellow labrador female. You can see more information on her by clicking on her photo.   


Ruby is a super sweetheart. She is in our house 90 % of the time. The rest of the time she is outside pestering something or someone.

She is extremely smart and loves to fetch. You can not say fetch around her or she takes off looking to bring back something. She will get into the toy box and pile every toy she can find in the middle of the living room.

She takes every chance to steal toys from other dogs. She loves to roll in the floor with a human and then snuggle. She steals your seat on the furniture the moment you leave the room. Then when you come back she turns her head to pretend not to hear you.

You can try to trick her by saying fletch, but she knows it is fetch and won't budge until she hears it.

She hates her ears to be done and will stop in her tracks dropping a toy if she sees the ear wash bottle. Then proceed to hide behind someone like you don't see me or please save me. But once called she will come over and it down to have her ears cleaned with a look on her face like why me. 

The amount of love she gives has no words and can't have a price on it. We only breed her when we know we want a litter of spoiled babies so it's maybe once a year or we skip a year. Due to the fact we know we will want to keep them all. If you want a super smart puppy with her loving attitude don't miss out on her babies. We will be spaying her shortly and can't guarantee when she will be bred again. So we will not be doing deposits on her until she has babies.

She's a great watch dog and alerts us the minute she hears a car coming up the long drive. Once she meets the stranger and we say they are okay, she quickly becomes best friends. There is nothing this girl won't do for us and we love her for that.

Don't look for this one to ever retire and be looking for a new home. She has it with us for life. She's our Ruby girl and we love her.  I could go on all day about her antics and how she is a joy to be around. But I won't do that on here and have you read about them. Just understand you take one of her babies you are a part of our family. 


Ms B

Ms B

Ms B

Best chocolate lab breeder

Ms B was born and raised here. 

 Ms. B is a beautiful dark chocolate Labrador Retriever.

She was born here to Babe and Buster.

She has an excellent attitude.

She has never shown signs of aggression. Weighs in at 60 lbs.

Easy to train and very willing to please.

She is an active girl and we expect her pups to be great athletic dogs.

She would work all day if allowed.

She does calm down and relaxes when required.

We’ve not had her refuse to do anything we ask of her.

She is a little spoiled as is typical for any Labrador here.

We love her and look forward too many years of her bringing joy to us everyday. 


Ms B

Ms B

British lab puppy

 Rebel is a British female weighing in at 45 pounds. She is a smaller medium red color with an outstanding pedigree.  


Ms B




Sue is a beautiful fun loving happy go lucky English chocolate female.  She just loves to fetch and play with people. Also, content to lay in your lap. Most of the time she is just relaxing cuddled up with a toy and blanket.

Her favorite time of day is snack time. 

Her favorite toy is the purple kong ball.

Favorite blanket is any she can lay claim to.

Favorite snack none, she will take any snacks given.

Sue never meets a stranger and is a joy to be around. She does not get overly excited and rowdy. Most of the time she is a quiet girl unless she thinks you are not getting her dinner to her soon enough then she is vocal. Generally that is about the only time she barks is dinner time.

Her photo shots was done week eight of pregnancy and  her winter coat is getting ready to shed out.

She is a beautiful dark chocolate with a very thick coat and thick tail.

Sue averages around 75 pounds.

She will be expecting her first litter with us in 2019 and that litter will be with Ace for  a black and chocolate litter.

We can't wait to meet her babies and see the joy that they bring to other peoples lives.




Yellow lab puppy for sale



Stelle was born here to proud parents Ginger and Red.

Red has since retired and living life as a house dog with a local family.

Stelle is a 70-75 pound female with a very sweet attitude.

She is not a bossy female and lets other dogs rule the yard. She just goes out to play and roll around in the grass.

She has to be plastered to a human’s leg if you are with her. She does prefer the humans over other dogs. This little girl is extremely affectionate and loves to give kisses.

She’s quiet unless something or someone comes up. Then she lets you know something/someone is here. She will then of course lick the stranger after barking lol.

She has a very nice short coat and love the coloring of her coat. She does have fox red puppies and will produce light yellows as well.

Stelle does have more of the American look to her, but yet has the English attitude. She isn't overly hyper and has an excellent off switch for the house. She excels in outdoor activities due to her body style and makes an excellent family outdoor companion. She also, has some great hunting offspring.

We are very happy and blessed to have Stelle with us. Hopefully, if you get a chance to welcome home one of her puppies they will bless your home like she has ours.